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Suspects include Holocaust deniers, White supremacists, and conspiracy theorists. In his opposition to the counting of electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas suggested Congress "follow the precedent" of another disputed election.

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Injust a few years after the end of the Civil War, a disputed election was resolved with a bipartisan electoral commission that put former Republican President Rutherford B. Hayes in the White House, but also ended most of the Reconstruction efforts aimed at enforcing the end of slavery and white supremacy in the South. The commission allowed Jim Crow laws to take hold in the South and remain for nearly a century later.

But without much regard for that racist history, Cruz suggested today's Congress follow 's lead. Amy Klobuchar D-Minn. And then came Sen. Pat Toomey R-Pa. Despite supporting and campaigning for Trump, Toomey also wasn't siding with the Republican opposition, instead questioning just how much good a "commission" would do for the undisputed count.

More stories from theweek. Millions of pandemic stimulus payments have been deposited in incorrect customer s due to an Internal Revenue Service error, according to Intuit TurboTax, which is helping to distribute the payments. Two banking industry sources confirmed the error, which will delay distribution of the badly needed aid. A Capitol protester pictured with his feet up in the offices of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been identified as Richard Barnett, a self-described 'white nationalist' Trump supporter from Arkansas.

Mr Barnett, 60, who was one of several protesters who stormed into Ms Pelosi's office, wrote her a "nasty note" and took a letter from her office addressed to a Republican Congressman. After then fleeing outside, he waved the letter around and gave a foul-mouthed interview to a waiting reporters, where he complained of having been squirted with mace spray by police trying to protect the building.

He mockingly denied stealing the envelope, saying he had left some loose change on Ms Pelosi's desk by way of payment. Capitol Police have come under scrutiny given how underprepared they appeared to be compared to the of rioters who descended on the Capitol. Anyone who is blaming the Capitol Hill Police for the domestic terrorism that occurred yesterday should seriously reconsider their position. Young parents snapped pictures.

Old men saluted. Mayor Jack van Haaster commemorated the somber fly-by: "We give tribute to those whose lives were lost in service to their country. Here in the stout heart of red Californiavoters snort with kkorean when they hear that President Bush's strong victory caught America 's Democrats by surprise. Not a single Murrieta precinct swung Sen. The same values that drew voters here to Bush in the first place also led many of them to Murrieta, the self-proclaimed gem of the Temecula Valleywhere streets are safe, schools are good and housing is escortss affordable than in many other parts of California.

Murrieta's population has quadrupled sinceas thoroughbred ranches and chaparral-covered hills due east of Orange County have given way to subdivisions with names like Korexn Oaks, Sedona, Meadowlane. It had a lot of promise out here. Bush lost California resoundingly last murgieta, so it is easy to forget that more people voted for him in this state than in any other in America.

With population and political clout clustered in Democratic Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area, it's also easy to overlook the rapid spread of conservative California. Sincethe of California counties with more registered Republicans than koorean of any other party has nearly tripled, from 13 to 37 out of That growth has shaped exurbs such as Murrieta, where "we're red.

i We're getting redder … [and] the Democrats don't even bother to organize," said Shaun Bowler, professor of political science at UC Riverside. As Republicans migrate farther from California murrieya aging cities, the state has become increasingly split, to the point that "we're as polarized as the nation, if not more so.

It's a problem," said political analyst Tony Quinn. We have a [political] structure that favors cooperation and interaction between the two parties. But the middle ground seems to be giving way.

They gathered at the Veterans Day parade last month to celebrate their shared values. And that's as good a place as any to start for a little conversation about what California 's Republicans believe and why they believe it. The Columnist Shortly after the equestrian groups had clip-clopped by with their shovel-wielding escorts, Rick Reiss drove down Adams Avenue in his silver Hummer, freshly washed and filled with graying comrades from American Legion Post Reiss works full time on the engineering staff of the federal prison in San Diego and is a part-time columnist for the local newspaper.

His views on Bush's victory had appeared in The Californian just before the parade, in a column that was part paean to the president, part celebration of conservative Riverside County — and part dare. You might just learn a thing or two. I promise you, they will not bite. He is more of a small-government Republican, he says, than a social conservative. He believes that abortion should be an option for victims of rape and incest and for women whose health would suffer if they carried a pregnancy to term.

He says he thinks that what people do in their bedrooms is their own business, but he doesn't koreqn homosexuality discussed in his children's schools because "I don't think schools should indoctrinate. The measure won handily statewide last month; tellingly, it went down to defeat in Riverside Countyeven though there are only people here who meet that income threshold.

In Californiathat's just getting by. A survey by local governments shocked regional planners with its finding that most people here, like Reiss, are willing to drive hours to work if the trade-off is a house, a yard and a mortgage. Reiss came by his conservatism in the bosom of a "cop family.

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And self-defense, of course, means guns. He talks about this a lot. During Reiss' childhood in Westlake Villageezcorts house was always unlocked — and so was the gun cabinet. When his mother and stepfather got home from their shifts with the Los Angeles Police Department, he said, "They'd put their service guns on top of [the cabinet]. It wasn't an issue. I don't consider myself to be a gun nut.

Behind illicit massage parlors lie a vast crime network and modern indentured servitude

Williamson Ph. Alfred J. Dillon Ph. Jackson ok.

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Ordnance st Ordnance Ammo Co. Korea Mr. Domenick A. Radiation Exposure U. Box Las Vegas, NV fax. Ben F. James H. Retired Enlisted Association S. Abilene Ct. Aurora, CO Sabre Pilots Association P. Box 32 Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Korea. Thomas Overdale Dr. Dallas, TX Norris P. George Marlo Edward J. Richard L.

Texas Veterans Commission Headquarters P. Bob Shannon, Sec. The National Personnel Records Center verifies entitlement to awards.

Maritime Service Veterans P. Box Berkley, CA www. Veterans Assistance Foundation, Inc P. Box Newburg, WI Popular s MIA Family Outreach. General Store. Public Service Info.

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Guestbook Archives KWE Membership. Korean War Memorials. Brief of War Jack D. Brief Facts About War. Reference Desk. Advertise on KWE. Death Notices. In Remembrance.

William suff

Search the KWE. Best on the Net. Panoramic Photo. Belvoir Office: P. Box Alexandria, VA Ft. Leonard Wood Office: P. Columbia, SC James E. Ed Chew Ph.

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Harry Boudreau, Historian, 1st Cavalry Division Association, Cavalry Outpost] Claims files for pensions based on federal military service,and bounty land warrant application files based on wartime service, Regular Army enlisted personnel serving from through October 31,and officers serving from through June 30, Archives I Textual Reference Escort. See address in 1.

Officers separated after June mjrrieta,and enlisted personnel separated after October 31, National Personnel Records Center. Records relating to persons who served in the Confederate States army from through See address and phone in 1.

Prostitution sting le to 24 arrests of 'johns': lake elsinore

Volunteer service of persons serving during an emergency and whose service was considered to be in the federal interest during the period The Chinese women looked plain. They had no makeup. Half of them were over The oldest was 52 years old. Murrietaa wore an earth-colored woolen coat. She was hunched and short, with an honest-looking face, resembling a grandma who had just returned from farm labor. The other women in the room — white, black, and Latina — were completely different: They were dressed flamboyantly, with showy nail polish and lipstick.

If I had not read their charging documents, I would never have guessed that these matronly Kofean women were accused of being involved in the sex trade. But as I learned over the subsequent months, low-profile Chinese women of humble origins and modest appearance are the backbone of the illicit massage industry in the U. Many of these women are mothers who left home to support their families, arriving in the United States without the faintest idea of murieta they would do to make their American dream come true.

For many Americans, their awareness of Chinese massage workers in America begins and ends with Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots owner ezcorts visits to Orchids of Asia Day Spa were made public after a police sting early last year. Kraft was only one of hundreds of people implicated, but his status in the sports world brought national attention to the case. According to the nonprofit anti-trafficking organization Polaris Projectthere were more than 9, iorean massage parlors in the United States inmostly staffed by Chinese women, agedwith at koorean one.

You can find them in strip malls, apartment buildings, office towers, and suburban houses. Each ad has a phone and a short description. As I would learn, these are a key channel for many women working in the illicit massage industry.

Some advertise for themselves and work solo. But many are placed by massage parlors, and by telephonic pimps who set up massage sessions for a commission. By Sara Dorn and Brad Hamilton. February 2, pm Updated February 2, pm.

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A tiny Queens block has become a booming hotbed of hookers operating out of at least eight Chinese massage parlors, The Post found. Post reporters were solicited three times in the span of two hours on Friday and Saturday on the street. The woman, wearing heavy dark eye make-up and red lipstick, led him up a narrow stairway to a dimly-lit pink waiting room where a gaggle of listless Asian women lounged in lingerie.

She walked the reporter into one of eight rooms, ordered him to undress, and watched while he did so — not standard practice in therapeutic massage. She seemed surprised when he climbed onto the table on his stomach and said his shoulders were tight. You want regular massage, OK! She kneaded his muscles for a few minutes, then peeled off her dress, removed her panties and pulled out a strip of condoms.

Complaints filed with the city Buildings Department show allegations of prostitution at the address, including one in November. The Post obtained shared surveillance tapes showing dozens of men entering and leaving with women, including one clad only in panties and a shirt. One tape features a man groping a young escort from behind as the two walk up the stairs together.

A woman in a puffy white coat approached a second reporter outside 40th Road — the same location as the death leap in — Saturday. A lady died from this and nothing has happened. We need constant enforcement, so that the cost of doing business becomes too great for that business to sustain itself. He said cops go after pimps, johns and landlords who rent out rooms to brothels — while trying to get help for victimized sex workers.

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The owner of a Murrieta massage parlor that will be forced toclose its to locate a Korean translator, arrestedPiao on suspicion of prostitution. The City of Murrieta prohibits massage establishments from having recruited into “massage parlor” trafficking from China or South Korea. It spans the gamut from illicit massage businesses, to strip clubs, to trafficking of minors, to online prostitution. There is not an aspect of the.

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The owner, Jimmy is a former aircraft maintenance mechanical engineer. He has developed a love for maintenance, and has been a massage maintenance enthusiast. In his own words, the human body is an advanced, unique machine.