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Panorama looking for another if possible

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All images captured by mobile mapping system will be automatically processed as soon as they are taken, without anyone viewing them, and the faces of captured people and plates will be blurred. If it happens that any of the object will not be detected, it is possible to report the error and we shall fix it immediately.

Moreover, all vehicles avoid sensitive places at specific times, such as school areas at the beginning and end of the classes, churches in time of worship, demonstrations, marches, and the like. People and their property will appear in Panoramas, but privacy possiblle be fully respected. Copyright protected by legal regulations, in particular by Act No.

The data will not be transferred to outside third parties and the provisions of Act No. Panorama and privacy policy How do we protect your privacy All images captured by mobile mapping system will be automatically processed as soon as they are taken, without anyone viewing them, and the faces of captured people and plates will be blurred.

What can be reported: Protection of personal data With an automatic detection it may happen that the algorithm may not detect a face or plate. We will be happy if panora,a report such an error to us so that we can correct it as soon as possible. Similarly, if you feel that a person is still identifiable with a blurry face, just state it in the contact form, and we'll delete the person.

Inappropriate content If you find naked people, violence, pejorative or offensive symbols or inscriptions, etc. Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, called for an independent inquiry earlier this month, saying "sheer dishonesty" was used to secure the interview with the princess. In a letter to Mr Davie, reported by the Daily Mail, the earl said Bashir had used forged bank statements, which possibke purported to show that two senior courtiers were being paid by the security services for information on his sister.

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Earl Spencer wrote: "If it were not for me seeing these statements, I would not have panoraam Bashir to my sister. In another Daily Mail interview, he also alleged that the then Panorama reporter made a of false and defamatory claims about senior royals during a meeting with him to gain his trust and access to his sister.

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These claims included that Diana's private correspondence was being opened, her car tracked and phones tapped - described by the Mail as "preposterous lies". Bashir, 57, currently BBC News religion editor, is recovering from heart surgery and complications from Covid anotyer has been unable to comment on Earl Spencer's allegations.

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What steps did the BBC and, in particular, Martin Bashir take with a view to obtaining the Panorama interview in ? This will include looking at the mocked up bank statements, alleged payments to members anothrr the royal household, and other issues raised by Earl Spencer. Were those steps appropriate, particularly in regard to the BBC's editorial standards at the time?

To what extent did the actions of the BBC and, in particular, Martin Bashir influence Diana's decision to give an interview? What knowledge pxnorama the BBC have in and of the relevant evidence, such as the forged bank statements?

The BBC said the investigation would start straight away and it was handing over "all of its relevant records". Last week, the broadcaster revealed that a ly missing note from Diana, thought to indicate she was happy with the way her interview by BBC Panorama was obtainedhad been found and would be handed over to the investigation.

Leading the inquiry will be Lord Dyson, who was Master of llooking Rolls - the second most senior judge in England and Wales - for four years until he retired in October He added: "The DCMS Committee has no plans to hold its own inquiry into this matter, however we will review the outcome and reserve a decision on whether any further action should be taken at that point. In it, the princess famously said "there were three of us in this marriage", referring to the Prince of Wales's relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

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