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In the event of denial, notification of the denial and reasons therefor shall be provided in writing and shall be provided to the applicant by personal delivery or by registered or certified mail.

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A city registration certificate may not be transferred during any period of suspension or one year following revocation pursuant to Section 5. No person shall engage in, conduct, carry on, or permit any massage within the city of Marysville unless all of the following requirements are met:.

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No massage business shall be open and no massage shall be provided between ten p. A massage commenced prior to ten p. It is the obligation of the massage business to inform clients of the requirement that services must cease at ten p.

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Outcall service providers shall provide such a list to clients in advance of performing any service. No owner, manager, operator, or responsible managing employee shall permit, and no massage practitioner shall offer or perform, any service other than those posted or listed as required herein, nor shall an operator or a massage practitioner request or charge a fee for any service other than those on the list of services available and posted in the reception area or provided to the client in advance of any outcall services.

Such records shall be open to inspection and copying by police officers, not used by any massage practitioner or operator for any purpose other than as records of service provided and may not be provided to other parties by the massage practitioner or operator unless otherwise required by law. Such records shall be retained on the premises of the massage business for a period of two years and be immediately available for inspection during business hours.

Clean towels, coverings, and linens shall be stored in enclosed cabinets. Towels and linens shall not be used on more than one client, unless they have first been laundered and disinfected.

Disposable towels and coverings shall not be used on more than one client. Soiled linens and paper towels shall be deposited in separate, approved receptacles. Bathtubs shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use with a disinfectant approved by the health officer.

All walls, ceilings, floors, and other physical facilities for the business must be in good repair, and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. Said garments shall not expose their genitals, pubic areas, buttocks, or chest, and shall not be worn in such manner as to expose the genitals, pubic areas, buttocks, or chest. For the purposes of this section, "outer garments" means a garment worn over other garments and does not include garments like underwear, bras, lingerie or swimsuits.

The owner, operator, responsible managing employee, or manager shall not permit any such person to enter or remain upon such premises.

For the purpose of this subsection, there is an irrebuttable presumption that the visibility is impermissibly blocked if more than ten percent of the interior reception and waiting area is not visible from the exterior window. The basin shall be located within or as close as practicable to the area devoted to performing of massage services. Sanitary towels shall also be provided at each basin.

This attention resulted in two Protestant mission homes, the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Mission home, taking it open themselves to rescue these women Yung, Under the combination of anti-Chinese prostitution legislation and the rescue work of these missions, the of Chinese prostitutes decrease dramatically after the 's and in only 24 percent of 3, Chinese women prostitutte California were deated as prostitutes in the Census manuscripts Takaki.

Between and more than a thousand Chinese women sought refuge at these missions.

Many of these women then went on to marry Chinese Christians and began establishing some of the earliest Chinese families in mainland America. In the s the sexual interactions of Chinese immigrants was tightly controlled through immigration and segregation laws. This resulted in the rise in prostitution in the early Chinese communities in the Pfostitute States.

The lives of these women who were for most part tricked, bought or abducted into the trade maryysville oppressive. In the nineteenth century, police and legislation singled out Chinese prostitutes for condemnation because they were allegedly responsible for corrupting the moral fabric of the American society. They were accused of "disseminating vile diseases capable of destroying.

Laws like the one passed prlstitute the California state Legislature in seeked to suppress Chinese houses of ill-fame" Yung, After the Chinese exclusion act was passed inthe Chinese prostitutes were cited as one of the main reasons behind the ban on further Chinese immigration. This reasoning would result in the growing concern of Japanese government when the of Japanese prostitutes in America increases in 1 s Ichioka, The Japanese who were very sensitive to their national image took measures against the growth of the trade not so much because they were concerned about the plight of the Japanese women who were forced into prostitution but as a prevention measure against a Japanese exclusion movement similar to that against the Chinese Thus, the blame for the racist Chinese exclusion law passed by the federal government came to fall on largely on the shoulders of the Chinese prostitutes.

The impression, born in the mid nineteenth century, that all the Chinese women were prostitutes has colored the public perceptions of Asian women for more than a nmber.

I see shades of similarity between the exploitation of these Chinese prostitutes and the similar sex trade that is still rampant in the late twentieth century especially in the San Francisco's China Town. Prostitutes in Prison. In the last two sections, we learned about why lower class prostitutes were arrested.

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The reasons for their arrests were varied: some were arrested for venereal diseasesome for "contravention", and some for theft. But what happened to the prostitutes once they were taken into custody by the commissaire or Gendarmerie Royale? Alexandre Parent-Duchatelet conducted a now mraysville study about the lives of prostitutes in Paris.

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The study was first published in In this study, Parent-Duchatelet focused on not only the day to day lives of prostitutes, but also what happened when they encountered authority. These are his findings on the arrest and imprisonment of prostitutes. Everyone arrested in Paris by some agent of the administration is taken to the Prefecture of Police.

There they are essentially familiarized with the arrest procedure by a magistrate at the Prefecture. The day of the arrest the arrested prostitutes are questioned by "un commissaire de police", who is affiliated with the Numer of Morals.

This commissaire submits the report of the interrogation to the Prefecture, who decides to either set the girl free, or imprison her, obviously depending on the circumstances. The magistrate sends them to "un endroit special" which is called "le depot".

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