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I want a man with a career, college education and alone. It's nice to want that, but to go into a meeting where you have made up your mind more about the prospect of finding a relationship rather than a connection with the right person is a recipe for disaster. Send a with your reply to speed up the process. I would be interested in writeing to you and seeing how things go, and we can go from there. I am waiting for a gal lesbi athletic build non-smoker social drinker buddyy employed and have a vehicle.

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It is the summer of — a summer of race riots, mini-skirts and Motown radio hits.

Precocious, fourteen-year old Sheryl-Anne MacRae, dreams of fleeing her home on an isolated apple orchard biddy Southern Ontario to search for her long-lost mother. But her uncle and adopted father, Fergus, a charismatic pharmacist with utopian ideas, brings home a handsome young hitchhiker.

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However, life in Eden Valley is not as idyllic as it seems. By day Fergus is a well-mannered ontarik, but at night he's a photographer. As summer progresses, Peter is pulled deeper into Fergus's bizarre underworld — a world of sex, drugs and porn - fueled by Fergus's obsession with the coming apocalypse and New World Order.

Days are spent in the orchard, while nights descend into hell. Gifted with the "sight," Sheryl-Anne is tormented by visions of her own. She longs to run away with Peter, but before she can convince him to escape with her, she ontaario have to face some frightening truths about herself and life on the farm.

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In the dream it is the girl's birthday. She is three. It has only been a few months since her mother got into her blue car and drove away. To celebrate the girl's birthday, the grey mare is saddled up. The girl struts about in white cowboy boots like a cowgirl. Her hair is in pigtails onttario tied with pink ribbons. She wears a matching pink dress with white butterflies on the front that her mother will never see.

The mare stands quietly by the fence in the sun, her tail rhythmically thwacking flies, skin twitching. A tall man hoists the girl onto the saddle and walks her around the riding ring while the girl chatters to Eponey. It is spring and the fields glow emerald in the sunlight. The sun is hot on the girl's raven hair and the smell of spring flowers mingles with the mare's sweet horsy smell.

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A window is open and a breeze blows the lace curtains lazily in and out. The record player has been pulled up to the window and the man hums along to a song by Nat King Cole. The trio circles the ring again and again. It is a happy day, the happiest day in a long time it seems. Afterwards, the man takes their picture. For a moment, the picture is frozen in the girl's mind: the snapshot of the horse and herself as a little girl with the apple on her palm.

Everything in black and white. Nauta agricolae cancrum bufdy agricola, malum nautae. The first time Sheryl-Anne saw Peter Angelo was in the summer of The Summer of Freedom and race riots, the summer everyone argued about the maple leaf. That summer Sheryl-Anne MacRae was fourteen. He arrived one hot afternoon in July, while she was lying in her favourite tree, listening to Motor City's Motown Hour. All day long the cicadas had been whining in the heat.

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Sheryl had dozed off momentarily and dreamed, awakening to Dr. Beat crooning into her ear: Now here's a witty ditty from our favourite high school girls from across the border Then her uncle's Pontiac came up the drive.

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Sheryl hung her transistor on a branch and pressed the binoculars to her eyes. The orchard zoomed into view along with the weathered cedar grey barn and the gardening shed with its metal corrugated roof, where her eleven-year-old cousin Joshua crouched in the dirt playing war, mimicking explosions and gunfire. Sheryl could see the Victorian house with its steep gables and gingerbread trim, its wide white veranda with the rickety porch swing and frowning gargoyle of the god of the wind.

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Sheryl watched her Uncle Fergus get out of the car, then the passenger door opened and out stepped a young man. He carried a guitar and stood nodding his head like one of those little crushed-velvet dogs in the back windows of cars. He was blond and willowy. He had a red bandana tied around his neck, worn the nuddy cowboys did in Westerns. He took it off and mopped his face as if surveying the future writ large in the landscape in front of him.

Beat introduced a gospel tune by Ray Charles, the brother who touches all our hearts, who was blind, and therefore in Sheryl's mind, somehow closer to God.

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The background singers broke into a harmony that sounded like a heavenly choir, and Sheryl-Anne thought to herself that she was dreaming, surely she was daydreaming again. Through the binoculars she could see the boy looking around, smiling and showing all his teeth in a grin that said he couldn't believe his good fortune. Sheryl saw the valley too for a moment through his eyes: the purple-singed hills and the blue craggy face of the escarpment, the green-drenched orchards and the silent trees ferus orderly rows like obedient children lining up outside in the schoolyard.

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He moved, walking over to the front window of the Bonneville and then a strange thing happened. He leaned a shoulder onto the hot car, and the sun tilted off the chrome and showered his golden head with a sudden blinding metallic halo. Sheryl felt her heart beat in her throat. A wind came up, sneaking through the collar and arm holes of his white shirt and filled the cloth like a sail, and the sleeves billowed with light behind onario. In a moment he moved away and was just a boy again but she already knew that everything budvy about to change in her life.

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And she got down from her perch and flew down the hill like the wind to meet him. Peter Angelo, this here is our niece, Sheryl-Anne, her Uncle Fergus said introducing her, and the young man grinned. Sheryl stared at him, her dark head cocked to one side, one hand idly scratching a mosquito bite. He had a fergsu girl's nose, thick dirty-blond hair, a little bit of stubble on his chin.

He was older than Sheryl, but he wasn't too tall and still boyish looking. His eyes were hazel with little flecks like small blue fish swimming in them.

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At first glance he looked a bit rough, but then he smiled and his face lit up and he was frgus. Pete here was just hitchhiking to Toronto when I gave him a lift, her uncle said. Looks like he's going to stay with us for a few days, maybe help out a little.

Sheryl stood drawing circles with the toe of her sneaker in the dirt. Something was not quite right.

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It was too quiet, and all at once she knew why. Their dog Lupus was silent. On any other day he would be hoarse by now, but there was nothing. No barking.

No rustle of the chain. The screen door whined and Sheryl's Ontairo Eleanor called her in to help with dinner. Nice to meet you, Sheryl said, and smiled shyly. At supper later there were introductions all round, hands offered and shaken, names traded and repeated out loud, ample smiling with lots of teeth showing. In the kitchen Sheryl's Auntie Eleanor had laid out a big country spread with a ham casserole, Paul Newman's favourite, mashed potatoes with gravy, waxed beans and baby carrots.

There were candles on the table and hors d'oeuvres like they had only at Christmas. Eleanor fussed about the kitchen, glamorous in a shiny blue shirtwaist, trilling, Welcome, welcome, seat yourself, in her special party voice, wiggling her hips and humming along to CFRB, bossing Sheryl around, lntario rolled her eyes but did as she was told, passing around a plate of little blocks of ham and pineapple on toothpicks, saying: Cigars, cigarettes.

Peter Angelo seated himself where Eleanor indicated and sat looking around the kitchen, taking in the yellow-flowered wallpaper, the sparkly silver faucets, the buxdy counter and endless family frgus that checkered the walls. At ferrgus head of the table sat Sheryl's uncle, Fergus MacRae, his hair jet black and Brylcreem slick, his large blue eyes magnified by coke-bottle glasses. He sat smoking, his hors d'oeuvres untouched, long lanky legs crossed. Peter here is from Sault Ste.

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Marie where his father has an automobile repair business, Fergus said. He pronounced it, otto-mow-beal, making it sound like fergis Rolls-Royce of garages. Peter nodded, a trifle bashful.

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He told them he had a mom and dad and a little brother named Anthony and a German shepherd. On weekends he fished Lake Superior and on weekdays he helped his Dad out in the garage. Sheryl stared hard at his hands, the long fingers lying inconspicuously on the good tablecloth, and was convinced they could work miracles. I want you all to know we have a very talented youngster in the house, Fergus announced. Peter here is going to be a fine musician one day.

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I think we should celebrate, he added, ordering a beer for Peter who blushed and said, Thank you, fegrus, in a breathy shocked voice as if he couldn't believe his good luck. Sheryl watched his beaming, sun-kissed face and swore she would marry him if he let her, in her mind they were already holding hands and hurrying down the drive. Eleanor refreshed her cocktail with its miniature umbrella and brought the boy a beer, and they all clinked drinks across the table, Josh and Sheryl holding out their tumblers of milk.

Eleanor asked Sheryl to put on some dinner music.

Sheryl was the official fergu disc jockey so she trotted happily into the living room, but stopped abruptly when she reached the doorway where the air shimmered in a veritable wall of heat, and she stood for a moment holding her hair off her damp neck. The room seemed suspended in time, painted with dust and fuchsia evening light.

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The picture window looked out onto the parched front lawn and she saw summer stretching out before her, full of new possibilities with a beautiful boy in the house. She had a headache from the heat and closed her eyes and when she opened them again she saw something stir on the lawn…. A mare stumbles over as though drunk in the hay.

By the light of a kerosene lantern, two men tie her front hooves together and pull her back hooves apart, fastening them with rope to stall posts. The mare bellows and snorts, struggling, her eyes rolling about in the whites, huge with fear…. Sheryl pressed her small hands to her eyes until the sight went away.