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I am interviewing a Mr.

Week of september 13

Lowell Shroyer. He lives at Carson Avenue. His highest rank was Specialist Four, and he was in the U.

Army and he served in Vietnam. I was drafted. I thought about enlisting, but not knowing whether I wanted to have a military career, I decided that if I was drafted I would have an opportunity to experience the military and ln whether to make it a career or not. So I was drafted. I lived in Indianapolis, on the south side of Indianapolis. I was working in retail sales of sporting goods. Well, it picked me.

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When you're drafted they don't ask you which branch to be in, they just tell you which branch you're in. My first day in the service, I do recall.

I went to the induction center in Indianapolis. My mother dropped me off on her way to work. Went through an induction physical and then I was sworn in. We were placed on busses and transported to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where we took some tests, were issued some military garb and uniforms, and escirts were billeted then in some barracks that were for new inductees. And that was my first day in the Army. Well, it felt like you were meeting new people.

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It was like the first day of school, at a new school. You didn't know anybody so you were all going through the same experience.

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You tried to find out who everybody was and where they were from and a little about them so that you could make new friends and sort of get through this thing. You all seemed to know you're in the same boat, so you tried to help each other and learn how to be a soldier. Well, it was a very busy time. There were a lot of people in boot camp. There were a lot of new soldiers in the Army, and we didn't have enough room in the barracks. The barracks I was in was a huge dormitory looking thing and the barracks was full.

They were just packed full of new soldiers. I actually got stuck in a room where there were six of us in three bunks, the double bunks, and it was interesting because a lot of us soldiers weren't in the regular Army, they had ed the National Guard or Reserve units. For instance, in my room there was a fellow from Memphis, Tennessee that owned a men's store; a fellow from Billings, Montana who was working for the railroad; a lawyer from Boston; a chemistry professor from Cornell University; and a carpenter from Philadelphia.

None of them were in a regular Army. They were all Reservists or National Guard.

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He was an African American, very serious minded guy, but very fair. He was tough as escortz. But he was easy to be under his command because he just They taught us how to march together and basic soldiering, and by the time boot camp was over, you felt like you were in pretty good physical shape and you knew the rudimentary basics of being a soldier.

I actually gained seven pounds in boot camp. I think it was just We'd start our day vietnakesein the morning. It was dark out.

Interview with lowell a. shroyer [undated]

We'd get up and go run, two or three miles. And then we'd go eat breakfast and then we'd come out for formation.

And we had different training that we went through, whether it was on the firing range or hand to hand combat or learning a lot. They taught they taught you everything, lowelll to shoot a riffle and how to brush your teeth. But they had to do that. I guess, some people didn't know about personal hygiene, and that was a big thing in the Army. Everything was kept clean, your personal space, sscorts clothing, your barracks, the mess hall where you ate, everything was kept clean.

Hygiene was very important.

The homecoming he earned: Vietnam veteran's remains escorted to family's home 18, Indiana Patriot Guard will again escort Rust's family to the Illinois/​Indiana her sister in Lowell and starring in the annual Lowell High School talent show. a juvenile prostitution ring run by Tran and other Vietnamese gang members. An all-out war between the Kung Lok and its Vietnamese nemeses never did were robbed by seven men who were later arrested in Lowell, Massachusetts. The “Invisibility” of Asian Cultural Heritage in America. Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts is known for its intended to curtail prostitution.

All in all boot camp was an interesting time. I didn't feel like it was too much.

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From there I went to Fort Gordon, Georgia for military police school. Maybe the guy who interviewed me decided it was a good thing. In the middle of boot camp they asked me to go to the military academy preparatory school. For one year and then go to West Point. And I had a couple of days to make that decision. Well, I'd only been in the Army about three weeks and ib asked me if I wanted to stay for about ten years, which you had a year at this military academy preparatory school and then four years Well, I declined.

I wondered often what would have happened, but I declined. So instead I ended up at MP school. And there you learned about Uniform Code of Military Justice. That's the code and laws that service men and woman are obligated to live under.

You learned about some police techniques and military police techniques. More training with fire arms, 45 pistol, M 60 machine gun It was like a little tube like affair that you pulled out when fired on, projectile rocket towards the tank. Mines, learned about setting those up. Just a lot of things. And I was there all the summer of ' And at the completion of MP training I didn't have orders on where I was to go so I had to stay there, help with the new MP trainees for a week or two and then, then I got my orders to go to Vietnam.

I came home for a brief leave and then went to Vietnam. Went to Vietnam via Fort Lewis, Washington, which was an amazingly beautiful place located in the state of Washington. I flew into Seattle. Spent a few days there at, at Fort Lewis I don't know, four or five days and some more of the same things. A lot of it was like boot camp.

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Funny thing, they told us to bring all of our uniforms with us. So you brought everything, then you turned around and shipped most of it back home because you wouldn't need it in Vietnam.

They issued you new jungle fatigues and jungle boots and all that and packed everything up and viwtnamese us to an airport, llwell us on basically a commercial air liner. Now, early on in Vietnam a lot of folks went over on ships. The Navy would take them, but we flew over on jet airplanes. It was a long flight. Arrived at a place in Vietnam called Camron Bay. Camron Bay was a natural port, very deep harbor there, and the United States had built quite a military complex there.

It was a huge area.

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Pretty safe, and And I spent about, I don't know, a week there I, I guess, before they shipped me to the unit that I was going to be a member of; which, at that point, was the th MP Company which was in Qui Nhon. Some of the bigger cities, Qui Nhon on the coast, once again a natural harbor and inland bigger city known as Pleiku. Pleiku was a very large city in Vietnam. There were a lot of villages in between. And we had different duties.

Some of our duties had to do with perimeter security and a lot of pretty strenuous stuff. We built bunkers and filled sandbags, escors guard duty. Esvorts, pretty strenuous at times.

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The guard duty was rough because you'd do it for four hours and then you were off viftnamese four hours, then on for four hours, then off for four hours. And you did that around the clock, for weeks, it seemed like. And you never got a really full night sleep.

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You could And of course you're on guard duty, and so sometimes it was during the day and sometimes it was at night. You're trying to be vigilant, see everything and do your job and kn to keep yourself alert. And you're just sitting there, sometimes you'd stand, walk around your post.