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Supreme Court battle over the presidential election. The goal of Pathways Home, the coordinated entry system in Walla Walla County, is to provide each household experiencing homelessness with appropriate services and supports to meet their housing needs, with a focus on returning them to housing as quickly as possible. Reviews To give securities call About This Clinic. Good Samaritan accepts donations of whatever clients can afford. Communications staff also represent the City of Walla Walla in various community groups and committees.

You are tired sitting. I have more to say to you but I will leave it till tomorrow and say no more at present. In the evening the Young Cheif sent a message to the Commissioners to the effect that he should be pleased if no council should be held tomorrow, as his people desired to make a great Feast and have a general holiday. To which request the Commissioners acceded. All about the Treaty Ground was very quiet, all the principal Cheifs dined at Gov. Stevens table.

Some delay was occasioned by the non appearance of Cam-i-ah-kun and Ow-hi. But at 12 M. My friends, we have met here today to continue the talk; I shall try and speak so that you may understand me. I have said that the white man and the Indians could not long live together in peace, a few may do so, but where there are many we cannot do it. If your Cheifs are unable to restrain your people where there are but few, how can our Cheif prevent his people from doing wrong when they are so many and scattered over so large an extent of country.

It is but fifty years since the first white man came among you, those were Lewis and Clark who came down the Big River - the Columbia. Next came Mr. Hunt and his party, then came the Hudson Bay Co. Next came missionaries; these were followed by emegrants with waggons across the plains; and now we have a good many settlers in the country below you. If there were no other whites coming into the country we might get along in peace; You may ask, why do they come? Can you stop the waters of the Columbia river from flowing on its course?

Can you prevent the wind from blowing?

Whitman College is a nationally recognized liberal arts college in Walla Walla, Washington, that encourages scholarship, creativity, character and responsibility. Arrival of the Nez Perce Indians to Wallawalla Treaty, May They were going to find good counsel in the East; and here I am looking still for counsel, and​. The Marc Restaurant at The Marcus Whitman Hotel in Walla Walla, WA offers the freshest ingredients to ensure the best dining experience for their customers.

Can you prevent the rain from falling? Can you prevent the whites wallaa coming? Fo are answered No! Like the grasshoppers on the plains; some years there will be more come than others, you cannot fr them. Our cheif cannot stop them, we cannot stop them; they say this land was not made for you alone, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, was made for all.

The fish that come up the rivers, and the beasts that roam through the forests and the plains, and the fowls of the air, were alike made for the white man and the red man. Who can say that this is mine and that is yours? The white man will come to enjoy these blessings with you; what shall we do to protect you and preserve peace? There are but few whites here now, there will be many, let us like wise men, act so as to prevent trouble.

And now while there is room to select for you a home where there are no white lloking living let us do so. I have made treaties with all the Indians tribes in the Willamette Valley, with all in the Umqua Valley, with all in the Rogue River and Shasta country; they have agreed to remove to such tracts as shall be selected for them; they have agreed to be friendly with the whites and all other Indians; they have sold us all their country except the reservations; we have agreed to build them mills, blacksmith shops, waggon makers shop, to erect a tin shop and gun smith shop, to build a school house and hospital, to employ millers, mechanics, school teachers, doctors and farmers, all these expenses to be paid by the government for twenty years.

Do you want these things: Do you want a saw mill to saw the timber to build your houses? You have a few lodges now, how long will they last? By and by where will you get your hides to make lodges? Stevens told you that the Blackfeet said the Buffalo were not as walka as they were once; it is but a few years since there were a plenty of Buffalo at Fort Hall. Craig here has seen many of them there and probably others of you have; where are they now? Do you want mills to grind your wheat and your corn?

Do you want blacksmiths to make your ploughs and harrows? To make stil axes, hatchets, hoes, knives, and to shoe your horses? Do you want a gun-smith to mend your guns when broken? Do you want a carpenter to build your houses and a waggon maker to make your waggons? Do you want a doctor to attend to the sick and ztill them proper medicines? Do you want farmers to assist you and show you how to raise wheat, corn and potatoes? Do you want school teachers to teach your children how to read and write?

Is it not good that these men can write down what is said here and understand what it is? It would make my heart glad if you could all do so. If you knew how to write and wanted to talk you could send it to him on paper and he would know your heart: would it not be good then to have schools among you? Do you want to have plenty of provisions for your women and children? Do you want to have plenty of blankets and clothing? The deer skin and the elk skin cannot always be had to make your clothing; do you always want to live at peace with all persons?

If you want all these things we are ready to give them to you; when we know your hearts then we shall know whether you want these things or not. You have often been told that by and by our Great Cheif would send some person to buy your country. I suppose you have been looking for that person a long time; Dr. White came here. What did he do? He may have talked very well to you but what use?

Wampool came, what did he do for you? My brother and myself have come, we have not only come to talk but to do something. Will you receive it or will you throw it behind you? We did not come here to scare you or to drive you away, but we came here to talk to you like men, and to make such arrangements as walal preserve peace and protect you. Our agents have tried to protect you in all your rights: but I am fearful they will not lookinb be able to do so, if you continue to live in this stipl condition.

I see here a good many old people. I expect you have left a good many of your old people at home; we want to do them some good while they yet live, and if you enter into a treaty with us we can then do them some good and do you all good; if we enter into a treaty now we can select a good country for you; but if we wait till the country is filled up with wallw, where will we find such a place? My heart is that it is better for you to enter into a treaty now with us.

I know that my brother has a good heart and wants to do wakla good, but we do not know how long we can act for you. Perhaps it may not be long before other agents will come; the next that come may not have such wallla hearts and do as much for you as we will. If we make a treaty with you and our Great Cheif and his council approves it, you can rely on all its provisions being carried out strictly. My heart is that it is wise for you to do so. Walpa will not speak any longer.

My Children, my brother and myself have opened our hearts to you, we want you to open your hearts to us. Five Crows Said. I have wal,a little to say. Do you speak true that you call me brother? He gave no gardens also. He created our Fathers when he created Adam; we were divided into different countries; It was He, the Almighty that passed the law; you must do no evil, you must not steal, you shall not take any thing without payment; the Great Father says he will send the thief into fire - into hell.

Pee-o-pee-mox-a-mox Said. Why not speak tomorrow as well as today? We fpr listened to all you wwlla to say, and we desire you should listen when any Indian speaks. It appears that Craig knows the hearts of his people, that the whole has been prearranged in the hearts of the Indians; that he wants an answer immediately without giving them time to think; that the Indians have had nothing to say so far it would appear that we have no cheif. I know the value of your speech from having experienced the lookiing in California, having seen treaties there.

We have not seen in a true light the object of your speeches; as if there was a post set between us, as if my heart cried from what you have said; as if the Almighty came down upon us here this day; as if He would say, What are you saying? Look at yourselves your flesh is white mine is different, mine looks poor; our languages are different.

If you would speak straight then I would ealla you spoke well; we have come together to speak about the earth and not of God; you were not afraid of the Devil! You see this earth that we are sitting on; this country is small in all directions. Why should you fear to speak wapla Sunday? Should I speak to you of things that have been long ago as you have done? The whites made me do what they pleased, they told me to do this and that and I did it; they used to make our women to smoke; I suppose then they did what was right: when they told me to dance with all these motions that are here then I danced.

From that time all the Indians became proud, and called themselves cheifs. On another subject I have something else walka say. Now how are we here as a post? From what you have said I think you intend to win our country, or how is it to be? In one day the Americans become as numerous as the grass; this I learned in California; I know that is not right. You have spoken in a round about way; speak straight. Walpa have ears to hear you and here is my heart. Suppose you show me goods shall I run up and take them?

That is the way we are, we Indians, as stilo know us. Goods and the Earth are not equal; goods are for using on the Earth. I do not know where they have given lands for goods. We require time to think, quietly, slowly. You have spoken in a manner partly tending to Evil. Speak plain to us. I am a poor Indian, show me charity; if there was a cheif among the Nes Perses or Cayuses, if they saw evil done they would put a stop to it and all would be quiet; Such cheifs I hope Gov.

I should feel very much ashamed if the Americans should do anything wrong. I had but a little to say, that is all. Wapla do not wish you to reply today, think over what I have said. Cos-os-pi-lo- Said in substance as follows, it was addressed salla his people and rendered by the Interpreters after the conclusion of his speech. He reproved the young men for laughing and talking: said they considered him of no any longer; they had knocked off his horns wlla his teeth were worn out; once he had horns and he could hook; teeth and they were sharp and he could bite; you young men think yourselves very smart by and by you will learn; now I am tired of your conduct; I am not speaking to Gov.

We are ready to hear, my friends anything you have to say today. If you desire not to speak today the council will adjourn till Monday. We do not wish to speak on Sunday because our Great Cheif does not want us to do business on that day, unless it is a matter of necessity. We think that most of our red brethren do not wish to do business on Sunday. The Council is adjourned till Monday at 10 A. Pee-o-pee-mox-a-mox said on Saturday, he had listened patiently to all we had said, and hoped we would listen patiently when any Indian spoke.

We listened patiently on Saturday, we shall listen patiently today; we want you to open your hearts and speak freely. After a long pause the Lawyer said. If you will deate some one to lookking first he will speak. Looming you do not they will sit here all day without speaking. We wlala the Head Cheifs know the hearts of their people.

We will be glad to hear the Lawyer speak. The Lawyer said. My cheifs and people, I will now speak, listen to Commissioners I ask good for these poor people; I think my cheif about what you have been speaking; It is from the man that made us, My Cheif, or is it from your own people? Although I think it is from the white people; from where the white people is they have been dying and dying, and are yet dying, and also lkoking whites are living all from the same people.

The same thing of our people our red people that are younger and from the same root; and loiking you see these many of us yet and still living, old men and children. The Supreme Being our maker listens to loking white people who are dead and also to those who are living; the same thing with the red people, they listen to the dead and also the living. And this what the President has made up his mind for us poor people; he has thought we were a poor people and says go and see them and learn them straight; and that is the reason you have told them you would learn them to read and write and all those other things you have spoken of; and that is the reason I have understood what you have spoken from the President; for that reason you have been asking us questions, and now wslla are asking questions from you.

It was not for nothing I have been listening to you. My country is poor it is a trifling country. Sttill see the map the marks of our country, one stream runs one way another runs another way, it is all rock. My Cheif, but the Big Cheif from the light the East said to you go and talk to these people and you have done it, he says go there to take care of cor white people and your red people and you have wallq it. As long as the Earth stands take care of the people; he said to the white people and the red people all as one let us listen to the laws, when the earth is done away with there is the end of the law, and that is the reason you see wallq good and we lookint you good.

My Cheif that is all I have to say at the present, there are a good many men here who wish to speak. Let them speak. The Commissioners requested Pe-at-tan-at-tee-miner to speak, who replies. You have heard what I have wqlla say. My mind is the same as the Lawyer has spoken. What I had to say he has said, he has spoken my mind, I have nothing to say, he has ffor all, for my land it is for you and for me. I waloa do kooking no wrong and you do me none, both our rights shall be protected forever; it is not for ourselves here that we are talking, it is for those what come that we are speaking.

This is all I have to say at this present time. Cam-i-ah-kun was invited to speak and said.

Heather – sip-n-swirl

I have something different to say than the others have said. It is young men who have spoken; I have been afraid of the white man, their doings are different from ours. Your cheifs are good, perhaps you have spoken straight, that your children will do what is right, let them do as they have promised. This is all I have to say. We do not know who of them desire to speak; let their old men speak if they desire to do so.

If u-u-Sin-mull-e-cun would like to speak we would be glad to hear him. He replied. I do not wish to speak now let those who have already spoken speak. Awlla the Lawyer has said is my heart, it is not necessary for me to speak. The Commissioners called upon Staachas to speak who said, how is a cheifs language? How is the Big Cheif talk? Where has their talk sprung from? That they have spoken straight on the part of the Indians; the Lawyer although young has spoken well for me.

Who is it that is going to speak straight for all of us. Now I want the whites and the Indians to show all their hearts; you know and we all know life while we are living, and I ask you my friends to speak straight and plain to us, as if I spoke to the President I say Yes. I would wish that the President was here so that we might all listen to him; he would enlighten us, he would give us life, he would make us to live as we ought to live, we would give each other our hands to hold always.

Lawyer spoke first and he will have more to say about this we are now speaking of. Lawyer has asked you to speak plain. I make the same request. I have nothing more to say. I do not know what they the interpreters have said. My heart was heavy, my heart has to seperate so, that was my heart. I do not know for wallw lands they the Interpreters have spoken.

If they had mentioned the lands that had spoken of then I should have understood them. Let it be as you propose, so the Indians have a place to live, a line as though it was fenced in, where no white man can go. If you say it shall be loiking then all these Indians will say yes. Vor that you have said the whites are like the wind: You cannot stop them, you make good what you have promised. You have spoken for lands generally.

You have not spoken of any particular ones, your words are here at this place. If you spoke as the watch goes, then we would say yes; the ealla in which you have addressed the whole wallz us has made my heart heavy. Fah-hah-tsil-pilp or the Red Bear said: I am not ashamed of any of my friends, for why ror I be ashamed? If there was something above that I should be ashamed of, then I should be ashamed; I am not ashamed of any people that are sitting around, we have spoken here with our brothers.

This is the first time I have ever seen my brothers here. I like your talk very much as I have heard it, and that is the reason I have listened to you well. And here where we see each other face to face we will talk straight. We shall know if you shall like my talk that I am now talking as I have like yours. I wonder if we shall both tell the truth to each other. This is what I think my Brothers, that one time more we will talk, we will not say yes from what has yet been said.

Tip-pee-il-lan-ah-cow-pook, or Eagle from the Light arose and said: Yes my friends you see where the Sun is. He hears me. It is from beyond where the Sun is that sent you here to talk. The red people are put on this earth. A white man was sent on this earth from the Light meaning the East. The red man was sent from the West, and now the big cheif from the Light has sent his talk here to the red people. The President has spoken to me throught you and I hear it. He likes us. He has fixed places for us to sit on and love one another.

And I also like the white people as the President likes us. On a road ready finished, he has sent you here. Look at the face of the earth, there wslla a road to travel on. Ro up the valleys and ro on to the end of the earth.

Looking to learn more about the history of Walla Walla? Head to Fort Walla Walla and the surrounding park, discover the Whitman Mission. Walla Walla Public Schools ensures all students receive high quality instruction in an the Walla Walla Center for Children and Families (Birth-to-Five services),​. Walla Walla holiday accommodation are self-contained, one-of-a-kind, and You're the type of person who wants to be right in the middle of it all, but still If you are bringing the kids, don't let that dissuade you from looking for the finer things.

From the time you started, you found a road till this wallq. And why should I hide anything? I am going now to tell you a tale. The time the first white men ever passed through this country, although the people of this country were blind, it was their heart to be friendly to them. Although they did not know what the white people said to them they answered yes, as if they were blind.

They traveled about with the white people as if the people that said that had been lost, and those lost people waalla to them, yes.

I have been talked to by the French and by the Americans, and one says wallq me, go this way, and the other says go another way; and that is the reason I am lost between them. A long time ago they hung my brother for no offence, stlil this I say to my brother here that he may think of it. Afterwards came Spalding and Whitman.

They advised us well and taught us well, very well.

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Wala was from the same source, the Light the East. They had pity on us and we were pitied. And Spalding sent my Father to the East--the states--and he went. His body was never returned. He was sent to learn good lolking and friendship and many things. That is another thing to think of. At the time, in this place here, when there was blood spilled on the ground, tho there was blood upon the earth we were friendly to the whites and they to us.

At that time they found it out that we were friends to them. My Cheif, my own cheif said, I will try to settle all the bad matters with the whites and he started to look for counsel to straighten up matters; and there his body lies, beyond here. He has never returned. At the time the Indians held kooking grand Council at Fort Laramie. I was with the Flathe and I heard there would be a council this side, next year.

Best places to see holiday lights in walla walla, wa

We were asked to go and find counsel, friendship and good advice. Many of my people started looming died in the country. Died hunting what was right. There was a good many started there on Green River, the small-pox killed all but one. They were going to find good counsel in the East; and here I am looking still for counsel, and to be taught what is best to be done. A preacher came to us, Mr. He talked to us to learn, and from that he turned to be a trader, as though there was two in one, one a preacher and the other a trader.

He made a farm and wallla grain and bought our awlla, as though there was two in one; one a preacher the other a trader. And now from the East has spoken and I have heard it. ,ooking I do not wish another preacher to come and waola both a trader and preacher in one. A piece of ground for a preacher, big enough for his own use, is all that is necessary for him. Look at that, it is wallla tale I had to tell you, and wallla I am going to hunt friendship and good advice.

Stevens said: My brother, if any of you wish to speak today, I will still be silent. Is there anyone who wishes to speak now? If not, I will go on. We have listened to you carefully. We think we know your hearts. You are ,ooking to make a bargain. You want to know exactly the terms. We have promised mills, shops, schools, teachers, farmers, and all the other things for a term of years. You want to know how many years.

We have promised you as the other part of wa,la payment clothing for yourselves, your wives, and your children; tools and implements for your farms and shops and articles for your house. You want to know how much clothing. How many implements and tools and articles for your farms, your shops, and your houses; and how many years will you have them?

Before I answer that, I will answer another question which you have asked me. You want to know where your Reservations are to be. What is the ground we have in view for you. I will explain this matter freely. For the principal tribes here present, we have thought of two Reservations. One Reservation is the Nes Perses country and one in the Yakama country. That will be something for them to think about to see whether they can agree to it.

The Yakama Reservation to extend from the Attannun river--to include the valley walpa the Pisco river--and from the Yakama river to the Cascade Mountains. On this Reservation we wish to lookign the Colvilles, O-kin-a-kunes, Palouse, Pesquouse, Klit-a-tats, and the bands on the north side of the river below the Walla Wallas as far as the Kuth la poodle river, near the Cowlitz. All these as well as the Yakamas on that Reservation.

There is a third Reservation East of Mr. We want you to think about this and see if you like it.

Walla walla karaoke & dj

You may think the Reservations are not good. If not you will say so.

I will give briefly the reason for selecting these two Reservations. We think they are large enough to furnish each man and each family with a farm, and grazing for all your salla.

There is especially in winter grazing on each Reservation. There is plenty of Salmon on these Reservations, there are roots and berries. There is also some game. You will be near the Great Road and can take your horses and your cattle down the river and to the Sound to market. Though near to the great ro, you are a little off from them, and you will not be liable to be troubled by travellers passing through. We can better protect you from bad white men there.

We can better prevent the trader and the preacher all in one man going there. We can better prevent bad men telling you to dance, and cheating you with lies. We can better stop the theif who comes to steal your horses. Your horses will be saved to you and there will be no theives to throw into hell-fire.

You may ask, why so many tribes on one Reservation, and how is it proper to place them on the Reservation? We want as many tribes together as can be taken care of by one agent. We can do more with the same means; this is a matter I wish to explain fully, and also about the payment in clothing, etc. Think over what I have said and hear the rest tomorrow.

You have been sitting a long time and you are tired. We want you to come tomorrow morning early. We want you all to come. You have heard but part, we want you to hear the whole, and when you hear all I think you will say it is good. I have nothing more to say to night. Stevens said: My children, I stated yesterday that we wished to place you on two Reservations and that as regards the tribes below the Umatillas.

I stated we wanted as many tribes as could be taken care of by one agent. I will now explain this matter fore freely. Here showing a draft on a large scale is a map of the Reservation. There is the Snake River. There is the Clear Water river. Here is the Salmon river. Here is the Grande Ronde river. There is the Palouse river. There is the El-pow-wow-wee. We commence where this river, the Palouse, comes from the mountains, and down the river to the mouth of the Ti-not-pan-up, then to the Snake river 10 miles below the mouth of the El-pow-wow-wee, then to the source of the El-pow-wow-wee, Thence along the crest of the Blue Mountains to the Grande River below the Grande Ronde, thence along the ridge between the Wall-low-low river crossing the Snake River 15 miles below the mouth of Powder river, thence to the salmon river a little above the crossing, thence by the spurs of the mountains to the source of the Palouse river at the place of beginning.

This is a large Reservation. The best fisheries on the Snake River are on it; there are the fisheries on the Grande Ronde river. There are fisheries on the Os-ker-wa-wee, and the other streams. There are cumash grounds here at this place pointing to the large cumash grounds of the Nes Perses. We feel if we put you on this Reservation our agent can visit you all and take care of you all. Each tribe will have its own place on the Reservation. The Spokanes will have their place and their home.

The Nes Perses their place and their home. The Walla Wallas their place and their home. The Cayuse and the Umatillas their place and their home. The Spokanes will have a blacksmith, a school, and a farmer. The Walla Wallas will have a blacksmith, a school, and a farmer. The Cayuse and Umatillas will have a blacksmith, a school, and a farmer. The Nes Perses are more numerous, they will have two blacksmiths, two schools, and two farmers. These schools are the first schools where your children will learn to read and write.

The agent will live in some central place where there will be an agricultural and industrial school common to all the tribes. To this school all the tribes will send such of their children as wish to study more than in the first schools, and to learn trades. Here where the agent lives will be the tinner and the tin shop. There will be one for all the tribes. There will be the waggon maker and wheel right; there will be one for all the tribes.

For the four tribes there will be two saw-mills and two flouring mills in proper localities. Thus all the tribes will be on an even footing, and each will have the same provision made for them. You will see that you will be better take care of all on one reservation; each tribe having its own place, than if the Spokanes were on one reservation with the whites all around them, the Nes Perses on one reservation with the whites all around them, the Cayuse and Umatillas on one reservation with the whites all around them.

Here showing the map you will be on one Reservation with equal rights under one Agent, and the same provisions for your welfare. But each tribe has its head cheif. A cheif takes care of his people. He people listen to him. He devotes his time, his very life to their good. We want you cheifs to be such men, we expect them to know about you and to see that we do our part.

They will not work for themselves, they will work for you. We shall therefore give the Head Cheif of each tribe Five Hundred Dollars a year for 20 years to be paid in cash.

We shall build for each Head Cheif a good house to live in. The Agent will have his house and he will be paid. The Head cheifs shall have their houses and be paid.

They will all labor for the good of the Indians. You will be allowed to pasture your animals on land not claimed or occupied by settlers, white men. You will be allowed to go on the ro, to take your things looikng market, your horses and cattle. You will be allowed to go to the usual fishing places and fish in common with the whites, and to get roots and berries and to kill game on land not occupied by the whites; all this outside the Reservation.

My friends, I have held four councils on Puget Sound. I have made treaties with all the Indians on that sound. They more than all the tribes here present. They have all agreed, should the President decide, to go on one Reservation. That Reservation is only about one fiftieth part as large as this; they have, however, few horses and cattle. They have tor three hundred head. They take Salmon and catch whale and make oil.

They ask for no more land. They think they have land enough. You will be farmers and stock raisers and wool growers and you need more. Now I will tell you the payments that will be made provided you are placed on one Reservation. If you go on different Reservations different provisions will be made. Well, you all go on stil, Reservation, Spokanes, Nes Perses, Walla Wallas, Cayuses and Umatillas; we shall spend a certain amount in moving you onto the Reservation, in breaking up and fencing your farms, in building houses for your cheifs, your sub-cheifs and your people, in cooking utensils for your houses, in milk pans and churns, in a good supply of blankets and clothing.

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In all these things we will expend for you, One Hundred Thousand Dollars. This will be done the fist year you go on the Reservation. Now, if any lookin gives up a tract of land in going onto the Reservation, he will have the same thing done for him that lookinng done for all the rest and he will have, in addition, his improvements made good to him on the Reservation or the value of them paid to him in cash, as he may desire.

The other payments extend through twenty years. Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars. We do not want to spend this amount or much of it in cash, and I want my friend Pee-o-pee-mox-a-mox and the other lkoking to listen while I give the reason. I ask all the cheifs to hear my reasons and think of them. We can furnish you with nearly twice as many good with the same amount of lookimg as you can get from the Traders.

We shall buy the things you want in New York and San Francisco at cheap rates and good articles. The expense of getting them to you will not come out of your money; it will cost you nothing. You now pay Eight or Nine Dollars for a blanket at Fort Walla Walla, we shall furnish you two wzlla blankets for less than that sum, say from six to wallla dollars.

At Fort Walla Walla a flannel shirt costs three dollars, we will give you three shirts for three dollars. You pay for a calico shirt at Walla Walla one and a half and two dollars. We can furnish calico shirts for fifty cents a piece. If we furnish the goods therefore, you will get three blankets, three flannel shirts and three calico shirts for the same money you now pay for one blanket, one flannel shirt, one calico shirt, and have to make a long journey for them besides.

We can furnish four hoes for a dollar and a half. You know what you have to pay sgill a single hoe at Fort Walla Walla and the Dalles. Aalla want the payments to do as much for your good as possible. There will be a certain sum each year for their people. We want them each year to consult their people and tell us what things they want. We want them to fpr out a list how many blankets they want and what kind of blankets, the of flannel and calico shirts they want, and so for every article of clothing for their men, women and children.

Also the tools they want for their farms, their house and their shops. In short we want the cheifs to stipl us how they want the money spent. The list to be made out every summer for the pay of the next year. If you want part of the pay made in money, we want you to give the reasons and state the sum each year. We will send your reasons to the President and let him decide. There are many of you we would be willing to give a part of the payment in money, ofr not to men who drink whiskey, and not to the men who do not take care of their wives and children.

Let, therefore, your cheifs each year make out a list of how much money and we will send it to the President. I have now a few words to say in regard to the Yakama reservation; the same provisions as regards schools, farms, and shops will be made, as in the case of the Nez Perses Reservation. Here is the Yakama Reservation, commencing with the mouth of the Attanum river, along the Attanum river to the cascade mountains, thence down the main chain of the Cascade mountains south of Lookign Adams, thence along the Highlands separating the Pisco and the Sattass river from the rivers flowing into the Columbia, thence to the crossing of the Yakama below the main fisheries, then up the main Yakama to the Attanum where we began.

We propose to place there the Colvilles, the O-kin-a-kunes and Pisquouse Indians they now send their cattle and horses there in winteralso the Bands on the Columbia River below the Walla Wallas down vor the mouth of the Kuth oooking poodle river, also the Klicatat around Mount Adams and Mount St. These Klicatats and these bands on the Columbia originally came from here or further wall.

We will give one blacksmith, one farmer and one school for the Covilles, one of each for the Pisquouse and O-kin-a-kunes, one of each for the Yakamas, one of each for the Yakamas including the Palouses, one of each for the remaining bands. They shall have the agricultural and industrial school as in the other Reservation. They shall have the same mechanics, gunsmith, tinsmith, plough and waggon makers.

There children shall be taught and they shall learn trades like the children on the other Reservation. They shall have the same liberties outside the Reservation to pasture animals on land not occupied by whites, to kill game, to get berries and to go on the ro to market. Payments to be made in the same way as in the Nes Perses Reservation. One Hundred Thousand Dollars to be expended the first year.

I need say nothing more. It is deed to make the same provision for all the tribes and for each Indian of every tribe. The people of one tribe are as much the people of the Great Father as the people of another tribe; the red men are as much his children as wallz white men. We think this plan will be for your good. We want you to think of wallaa. I have tried to talk plain and to speak straight out.

My Brother will now speak. My Brothers, my brother here looikng said as much perhaps as should be said. He has told you what we desire to do for you; it is for you to say whether you will receive it or throw it away; lookibg have but one heart; he has been speaking of something which interests you; it is the duty of your cheifs and your men to think well of it. It was said by this man Young Cheif the other day that we were not acting wholly for these that are here now, but for those who come after us; it is the duty of a parent to provide for his children.

You may not understand all the advantages of the propositions that have been lookinv to you; but they are for your benefit and those who come lookinng you; as a cheif desiring to promote your interest, I say it is good; that I would not deceive you; the Great Spirit loking knows the heart of all men knows that I desire wallla promote your good. We expect it will take at least wa,la years to prepare these reservations for you to go onto.

If we make wa,la bargain and the papers, my Brother and myself and all the Head Cheifs and Head men, that paper must go to Washington. Our Cheif and his council will examine it; if they approve it they say yes, and give us the money to expend in accordance with its aalla. My brother has stated that you will be permitted to travel the ro outside the Reservation. We have some kind of ro which perhaps you have never seen; we may wish to make one of the ro from the settlements east of the mountains to our settlements here; they may desire to run that road through your Reservation; if we desire to do so we wish that privilege; that kind of road we call a railroad.

I will try and explain to you the way in which we make such ro. We first lay on the walka sticks of timber, we then lay other sticks across in that way, unite them together and put a strip of iron lookingg the top of them, we then place a waggon on those tracks and instead of having horses or oxen hitched to the waggon we wxlla a fire; some of you have seen a steamboat; they have on this waggon a boiler filled with water, the fire heats the water and produces steam, which propels the machine.

I am unable to explain the machinery or the way in which it works but they travel faster than your swiftest horses can run, all the time. If we start xtill here at sunrise we can be at Wascopen by the middle of the day. We sometimes attach twenty of those waggons together and one of those Engines draws the whole, they will take waggon s enough to draw more people than are here. We call the waggon in which they have the fire and water a Locomotive: I have rode on those waggons many a time so have our people here all or nearly all of them.

Now if our cheif desires to construct such a road wallaa your country we want you to agree that he shall have the privilege. You would have the benefit of it as well as other people. We have another improvement that I wish to speak to you about, it is called a Telegraph. We may possibly desire to make such an improvement through your country. We set posts into the ground 15 or 20 feet high, and as far from here as that house; when the posts are set we place a loo,ing on the wzlla about as big as that; this wire extends as far as we wish to make the road if it is or miles.

If my brother is at Oregon City and desires to speak to the Sstill Cheif he speaks to him if the wires extend that far; the man at the other end of the land will know what he says as quick as I who stand beside him; if the instrument which is attached to this wire should be in your country and a man should steal your horse, and you desired to send word to the Willamette Valley, you would tell this man and he would work the machine and the man in the Willamette would understand you had lost a horse, and before the theif could reach there they would know it, arrest him before he came.

You may not understand them now, but when you know as much as the white man you will. Now as we give you the privilege of traveling over ro, we want the privilege of making and traveling ro through your country, but whatever ro we make through your country will not be for lookint injury. I told you yesterday I would explain to you another Reservation, but that Reservation is for the people who live below here; there are but few of them here; and as I expect to hold a council with them when I return, and as that Reservation does not particularly interest you, I need not lkoking it now.

Now I want you all to talk among yourselves and think about what has been said to you, and I want you to think of it like men. When you think of it if you say that waalla we have said is good and that you receive stull, you can express it to us and we can soon write out the Treaty. You are now tired, you have wallx long sitting, you know our hearts, and if there is anything you do not fully understand before you make up your minds come and inquire and we will explain.

If any of you wal,a to speak now we will listen to you. Or if you can make up your minds so as to give us an answer this evening come and do so and we swill be ready to receive it. Stachas Said.

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My friends I wish to show you my mind, interpret right for me. How is it I have been troubled in mind? If your lookibg were here in this country who gave you birth, and suckled you, and while you were sucking some person came and took away your mother and left you alone and sold your mother, how would you feel then? This is our mother this country, as if we drew our living from her.

My friends, all of this you have taken. Had I two rivers I would be content to leave the one and live on the other. I name three places for myself, the Grande Ronde, the Touchet towards the mountains and the Tucannon.

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My brothers, if you do not feel inclined to speak today, we will come together again tomorrow. We want the cheifs and the people to speak freely as Stachus has done. We will think of what Stachus has said. We could give our reasons now but we are all tired. We will lookig after you have spoken, state what we think. Come early in the morning and let us see if we cannot agree before night.

I am as it were without thinking yet. I require time to think and then I will answer. My brothers we expect to have your hearts today, let us have your heart straight out. Lawyer Said. My friends you have been wxlla to tsill a poor people. This Earth is known as far as it extends. This earth has red people on it and it has had as far as it extends. On the other side of the big water there is a large country. We also know that towards the east there are a great many different kinds of people: there are red people and yellow people and black people, and a long time ago the people that travelled this country passed on the waters.

And there is that country on that other side of the big water and here is this on this side. On the other walla of the big waters they have their laws. Yes, they have their laws there. We now hear the laws they have there, and we now know they have those laws there. wapla

We also know the white people pass about on the waters as they wish to. I do not know what they find in travelling about on these waters or what they are hunting, whether it is timber, leaves, grass or what. It was the Spaniards in that direction that just travelled about in their ships, they were the ones who first discovered this country and flr was in that way they travelled to look for things, in that way they stilll when they found this country; the red people that along fr shores to the big waters, those were the people, and at this place they landed to see those poor people.

At that place the red man started and run off, or a part of them did because they did not know the people who came to see them, and the rest came and met them, there is where the white people first placed their children when they first come into the land. From this country they took back samples of rich earth, of flowers, and all such things; they also reported that there was a country wqlla the other side, and it was peopled and these people reported they had found a country.

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And it was known that there was a new country found. And one of the head men said. I stipl there was a country there before. Columbus the discoverer said Can you make an egg stand on end. Although he tried he could not do it, loooking did not understand how, it fell over: then Columbus showed them all that he could make it stand, and he did it, he made the egg stand. After they saw it done they could all do it. Where they came into our country they named that stream Kooskooski: it was then they knew us poor people.

They passed through our country and knew all our country and all our streams, and on their return my forefathers used them well: as well as they could. From those poor people there were some of them that started in that direction east and of these there is only one now living Spokane Gerry they want to be taught, they returned after they could see a little and told us about the Great Spirit: they told us the laws for the poor people; they had seen and heard them.

Lookiny Chief said our loking laws are poor, the new laws we are getting are good laws, are straight. We said wzlla were these laws, the laws of the Commandments; our old laws the laws of our forefathers and the new laws we are getting shown to us there were laws and those laws should be sent to us. Ellis our Chief spoke strait for the white people, the President has sent you here to us poor people.

That is the reason I said on Monday use us well my Chief we are a poor people. The Governor has said the President has sent him to take care of his children: it was you that had spoken thus my brothers Gov. Stevens and Gen. Palmer I want qalla President to foe what I a poor man has said. I have got your talk here pointing to his note book and although a poor man I can look at it from time to time. I can take care of that; my brother, we have been talking a long time and are all tired.

I think on the stream just below where Mr. Now my friends I have spoken; those things that have been talked of, you know, I have shown you my heart. You have said to them all you had to say. I have also given you all I had to say. Then my friends I have spoken; those things that have been talked of you know. I have lookjng you my heart.

You have said to them you have said all you have to say. I also have said also all I have to say. You spoke of a road through my country the Reserve it is a bad country, to make ro in, but perhaps it may go through, that qalla the reason I think we have both talked. Our Father Chief has said take care of one sfill. There is no reason that I should speak long although I have more to say. That oooking the reason I say take care of us well: that is all I have to say at this time, my brethren.

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I will have one word more to say when we are about to part. We have the heart of the Nez Perces through their Chief, their hearts and our hearts are one.

We want the hearts of the other people through their Chiefs. Young Chief. Us Indians are blind the reason we do not see the earth well, the Lawyer sees clear. The reason that I do not know anything about this ground is I do not see the offer you have made us yet. If I had the money in my hand then I would see: the country is very large is the reason this land is afraid. I wonder if this ground has anything to say: I wonder if the ground is listening to what is said.

I wonder if the ground would come to life and what is on it: though I hear what this earth says, the earth says, God has placed me here.

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The earth says, that God tells me to take oooking of the Indians on this earth; the Earth says to the Indians that stop on the Earth wallx them right. God named the roots that he should feed the Indians on: the water speaks the same way: God says feed the Indians upon the earth: the grass says the same thing: feed the horses and cattle. The Earth and water and grass say God has given our names and we are told those names: neither the Indians or the Whites have a right to change those names: the Earth says, God has placed me here to produce all that, grows upon me, the trees, fruit, etc.

The same way the Earth says, it was from her man was made. God on placing them on the Earth during then to take good care of the earth and do each other no harm. God said. You Indians who take care of a certain portion of the country should not trade it off unless you get a fair price. I am as it were, blind. I am blind and ignorant.

I have a heart but cannot say much, that is the reason the Chiefs do not understand each other right. They stand apart.

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Although I see your offer before me I do not understand it: Lawyer understood your offer and he took it I do not understand it and I do not yet take it: I walk as it were in the dark and cannot therefore take hold of what I do not see. Lawyer sees and he takes hold. When I come to understand your proposition then I shall take hold.

I do not know when. Tis all I have to say. We know no chief among the Walla Wallas but Pe-pe-mux-mux; if he has anything to say we should be glad to hear it. I thought these Indians were all the same as one, all alike addressing the Indians he said. Why do you speak to one another? Listen to me. That is the way with your Chiefs, you white people.

When you show us something then we think it good, treating us as children, giving us food. I do not know what is strait.